AA 7 Bulls from JW Wagyu

For Sale:  Three AA 7 Fullblood bulls from JW Wagyu
All are free of undesirable recessives
FB28495   #213D born 8-22-16 JWW Othenil Tony
213 Tony’s sire is, Othenil, a Kitaguni Jr son with a Hiroshigetaysau dam from the Crescent Harbor herd.  This bull was sold to Snake River.  Othenil is also scored AA 7, rare for Kitaguni Jr progeny, known for  “snowflake” marbling.  Tony’s dam is a Yojimbo daughter from Lone Mountain, one of our foundation cows. Tony is a growthy young bull, ready for service.

FB28494 #212D born 8-18-16 JWW Othenil Larry
212 Larry is also a son of Othenil.  Remember he is a high SCD/Tend rated Kitaguni Jr. son.  Larry’s dam is one of our top cows, 100b, a Z278 daughter from our top cow, 500y.  100b is AA 7 with a stacked pedigree.  Look for her and all our other females in the JW Wagyu Dispersion Sale on Oct.20.

FB33095 #245D born 1-8-17   JWW Koichi Sal
245 Sal is a son of Lone Mountain’s highly regarded Koichi 1409, son of an outstanding Yasufuku Jr cow. Sal’s dam is another Z278 daughter from our 500y Itomichi  ½.  This pedigree combines super marbling traits with scale, power, and milk. Sal is good sized for his age.

These 3 bulls are priced at $5000 each

We have 5 other bulls in this age range with similar pedigrees and age that are available for $3500 each

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