AA 9 Bulls from JW Wagyu

JW Wagyu is now offering for sale two AA 9 bulls free of known undesirable recessives with outstanding pedigrees and phenotypes.

JWW WEBBCO FUKUGUNI JR 193D        FB28488       AA 9     DOB:06/07/2016

This outstanding young bull has a loaded pedigree featuring: Hirashigetayasu, Sanjirou, Kitaguni JR, and Takazakura.  The top of the pedigree is all CHR and the bottom is Lone Mountain.  These programs speak for themselves.  A cow that stands out in the bottom of this pedigree is 767T.  You will see her in many outstanding Wagyu pedigrees in North America.  JR is a super thick young bull who is ready to go to work in the pasture or bull stud.  Favorable inbreeding coefficient at 2.4

JWW WEBBCO MASAHIRO WARREN 229D    FB28493     AA 9     DOB:09/25/2016

Here we go with another super pedigree this time with Lone Mountain on the topside with MASAHIRO 2422Z being the well regarded sire.  The dam has Crescent Harbor roots this time as a young Akiyoshi daughter that has turned out to be a top donor for us.   Warren has an excellent inbreeding coefficient at 1.4.  He would be a great choice to put into AI.

These 2 bulls combine a lot of pedigree, numbers, and promise.  They are priced at $8000 each.  Call and be the first to get your choice of AA 9 bulls.

Jimmy Webb (209)479-1709

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