2013 Annual Conference (featuring James Beard Celebrity Chef Dinner)

2013 Annual Conference is set down for August 29-30 at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont.With the beautiful New England scenery as the backdrop of this yearly event , the theme WAGYU - America's Culinary Treasure will reaffirm Wagyu's position as the best BEEF in the world!

Our keynote speaker; Mark Schatzher -NY Best Seller Author of "STEAK" and, the coveted James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour to host the Gala Dinner on Friday evening, its sure to be an event NOT to miss.

The program is set to impress! We are planning a host of speakers that cover marketing, like- industry experience, feeding and nutrition and an international perspective. To satisfy our indulgence of Wagyu beef we will have some great chefs to tantalize our taste buds and experience Vermont produce at its finest!

We are currently finalising a promotional brochure and delegation registration form.The brochure will promote our supporters and so if there are interested parties wanting to seek a more active role in supporting our great breed, take a look at our sponsorship structure to see if it works for you!

If you want to know more, please call our office today on (208) 262-8100. Come back soon to check on the latest updates!