Registration Requirement Reminders

As another year is winding down and we are getting the last of this year's calves registered, please keep in mind some of the rules that are required to complete the registration application. If everyone will have this required information filled out and available, it will help to expedite the process.  For your reference, the existing rule book is posted on our website under Regulations and Legal.

Rule 4. Eligibility of calves produced by embryo transplant
F. Registration of embryo transplant offspring shall be made on a regular form at the regular fee, plus an additional fees as determined by the Board of Directors. Each such application shall be accompanied by a copy of the “Certification of Breeding and Embryo Transplant” form executed by the embryo transplant firm. (Page 19)

Rule 2. Tattoo marks
A. Tattoo Identification - All registered animals must carry a tattoo in one or both ears. That must consist of the owners herd letters, an individual animal identification (I.D.) number, and the appropriate year letter. A maximum of eight (8) digits may be used, and not two animals may carry the same tattoo within the same herd. (Page 18)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 208-262-8100.