About AWA

The American Wagyu Association,  Inc was incorporated in Texas on March 14, 1990 and serves to register Wagyu and promote the breed throughout the US, Canada and other countries. The Association headquarters is located at the University of Idaho Research Park, Post Falls, ID. The Association has a vibrant membership base and continues to promote and develop a sustainable industry here in the US.

The opportunities Wagyu beef can offer are endless. This industry caters to the breeder / feeder targeting the high end restaurant trade with highly marbled beef to the bull producer supplying the cow / calf rearer; a crossbred alternative that will offer calving ease ability and premium carcass quality in a single cross which no other beef breed can come close, too.

The WAGYU breed has a vital role to play in the US to increase the quality of red meat produced in the US that our health conscious consumer of the twenty first century is forever seeking.