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Standard registration fees will apply to all animals aged three years or younger. Late registration fees will be imposed on animals older than three years of age and is determined by the post-marked date on registrations for processing. Animal Transfer Fees are the responsibility of the seller and the details need to be forwarded to the AWA office within 60 days to avoid any penalty.

Under the current AWA Bylaws, DNA parentage testing is required for all Fullblood registrations.

* The AWA cannot guarantee the legitimacy of unregistered animals and therefore advise all buyers that before the acquisition of breeding stock, paperwork should accompany such animal(s) to suport its eligibility for registration.

It is Association policy that no work will be processed for non-members, unfinancial members or members that are in arrears with their account. All fees and rules are subject to change without notice. For further information, please contact the AWA office. NOTE: Funds in US dollars(USD)

*Remember in order to register, transfer and receive the benefits of the American Wagyu Association, you must keep your annual membership dues paid yearly.



International letters are designated for each year of birth. This option is easy to use in conjunction with numbers. For example, 001E and 002E might be used to indicate the first and second calf born in the year 2017.

Click here for the Calf Tattooing, Tagging and Calving Year Letter Designation information.

Note: The letters I, O, Q, and V are not used.



The AWA offers a number of DNA tests for it Members through a third party DNA laboratory. Neogen has a service agreement with the AWA to offer a comprehensive and competitive priced variety of tests for the members to access. Click here for the complete fee schedule.

For information about the Igenity Tenderness Marker click here.

* As of April 1st, 2014 any genetic material from Non-US animals (more notably Australian Wagyu Genetics and Canadian bred Wagyu Genetics) will require a DNA SNP Profile report to run any Parentage Analysis for any potential offspring.

A letter has been sent to those Members residing overseas about this DNA update as well as informing the Australian Breed Association of this new requirement. Many Canadian members are unaffected because they perform their testing in the US but for those that are using Canadian labs for parentage then a Neogen comparable SNP marker panel will be required.

AWA is currently working with the owners that have previously sent in data files (STR) on those genetics which we are now seeking to be SNP Profiled (SEQ2) via the University of Queensland (UQ). The responsibility will be those individuals whom are selling these genetics into the US Market to supply the required SNP (SEQ2) Profiles. Please contact the AWA office if you seek further information.



DNA Collector Cards are available through the AWA for $2.00 for hair and $2.50 each for blood (min. 10 cards). There will be a $5.00 processing fee per hair sample. Postage and Handling included. Please contact the AWA office on 208 262-8100 to order.  We will promptly mail these cards so you can have them on hand.

NOTE:  CARD TYPE is unique for Hair and Blood because the media used is different; adhesive (HAIR) or blotting (BLOOD). Please indicate to staff which TYPE of cards you require. You CANNOT submit blood on hair cards.

REMINDER: If samples are submitted for BVDV testing, please use hair or tissue only. If blood is used, it only tells whether the animal currently has an infection, but it could be something that will pass.



Call the office for product information, cost, and to place order.

A video tutorial for how to use a TSU unit and applicator to collect and store tissue samples can be found here. You can also visit to learn more.



When you are ready to submit a DNA test order, please follow the Digital Beef tutorials below:

Entering Birth Data

Ordering DNA Tests

If for any reason you have a concern, please contact the AWA office on +1 208 262-8100, we are here to help.


OVERSEAS DNA LABORATORIES (for International Members):

Canada - Delta Genomics 

Room 4244 TEC Centre
Enterprise Square,
10230 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 4P6

780.492.2538  |



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