Sire known for:  Mazda is 100% Tottori bull to ever leave Japan. The only true and total outcross to virtually all wagyu herds worldwide loaded with the awesome frame, thickness and maternals of old school Eikou Tottori blood from the lowlands! Former president of the AWA Kenneth Briggs raised many Mazda carcasses over the years back in the day and said "Mazda is one of the best marbling of all the import bulls." 

Dam known for: Itomichi B043W has a pedigree worth staring at! With Itomichi ½ on her paternal side, and Michifuku on her maternal side, this is a breeder’s dream of a pedigree. Having huge eye muscle area; small rib and rump fat; strong beef yield, great growth and outstanding milk production. Don’t forget about Itomichi B043W Grandsires Haruki 2 FB1614 and Monjiro FB201 known for balanced growth. Itomichi B043W, an outstanding Female with top-notch markers for marbling, a strong 5.58% IMF on ultrasound scan. This cow tests free of all genetic defects, tenderness of 5, SCD–AA. 

Open heifer for sale FB32171, can be bred A.I. to female sexed semen (FB18512, AA/8) or exposed to Wagyu bull FB30189 Tend:9, SCD:AA. 

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