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Fee Schedule (Effective January 1, 2022)

Advertising Fee Schedule

Membership Application

Hair Sample Collection Instructions

Blood Sample Collection Instructions

Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) Instructions

Calf Tattooing, Tagging and Calving Year Identification

AWA Cloning Policy - July 2009

AWA Animal Lease Application (April 2017)

AWA AI Permit (April 2017)

AWA Grievance Submittal Form (April 2017)

Sire SNP Report

Dam SNP Report

SCD Fat Test Results

Australian Genetics SNP Report (July '14)  NOTE: SNP (SEQ2) profiles are now being used on all overseas genetics for progeny being PV. If you are introducing new genetics into the US it will be your responsibility to provide SNP profiles on either or both parents to the AWA and Neogen. For further information please contact the AWA office.