Complete Animal Reporting

The American Wagyu Association has adopted the whole herd inventory based reporting concept. Each year AWA members participating in the CAR program will complete and bring current their herd inventory along with other information on every cow/calf in the herd. This information will be useful for development of Expected Progeny Differences an improving the accuracy of those that are economically important to Wagyu producers, such as traits which impact reproduction. Currently, the information required for every cow on the inventory is a calf, reproduction code and/or a disposal code. Basically a calf must be reported for every cow, or a reason why a calf was not reported. Furthermore, if the cow is no longer in the herd, then a disposal code must be included. The herd inventory concept is a simple and straightforward system that promotes the complete reporting of performance information. The responsibility of selecting the animals that remain in the herd as registered seedstock or animals that are marketed and promoted as registered Wagyu remains a decision of the breeder.

Reproduction Disposal Codes

Reasons cows are culled from the herd vary. Many cows are culled for reasons not related to reproduction. Furthermore, many cows are reproductively sound, but calves are not always reported. For these reasons many cows are unfairly evaluated for their reproductive value. Reporting accurate reproduction and disposal codes will aid the breeder and National Cattle Evaluation in assigning more accurate breeding values for reproductive traits.

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