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Christmas and New Year’s AWA Office Hours

The office will be closed at 12:00 Noon (Pacific) Thursday, Dec. 24, and Friday, Dec. 25, for Christmas.

The office will be closed at 12:00 Noon (Pacific) Thursday, Dec 31st and re-open Monday January 4th, 2021.

Author Napoleon Hill once said that “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” We cannot seek success for ourselves as breeders by forgetting about the whole of the association. Our ambitions as an association will only be reached if our plan is broad enough that each of us have the opportunity to achieve our aspirations and dreams.

Every long-term successful breeder of livestock understands that his or her success depends on the achievements and success of those he does business with. Breeder involvement will be the key to the success of the American Wagyu Association. Increases in registrations, transfers, performance and carcass data will happen because members of this association have decided to become part of something important. They devote their selves to creating a habit of participation. That’s how your association will grow.

Comments from Donna Kay, Kay Ranch, Manor, TX was recently shared with me and I commend this group for taking the initiative to build a program that will collect valuable carcass data to help drive the AWA’s genetic evaluation for carcass merit in the future.  There are many others within the AWA who share this same passion for this great breed and are also working on similar programs collecting valuable data.


Test 9 progeny test begins in January. Test ten in February. Test 1 was in Jan 2018.   It is a journey.

Bubba Kay, Brandon Baker and Josh Eilers, Texas Wagyu breeders, started these tests to promote Wagyu bulls with superior genetics from small herds without the ability to gather carcass data. Bubba has devoted countless hours and energy to these progeny tests, at no personal gain. Why?  To promote the Wagyu breed that he is so passionate about.

The tests are not restricted to Texas and are not sponsored by any association.  All resulting data will be submitted to the American Wagyu Association.  All results are DNA verified. Many thanks to Jenny Tweedy and Mishima Wagyu for your support without which this could not have happened.

The first progeny are in the feedlot and will be harvested in about a year. It is an extremely long process to prove a bull’s worth to the breed.  Promoting the breed requires utmost patience.

Special thanks to Scott and Cindy Cate, of Pasche Ranch for providing over 100 females for each of these tests and to Jerry Reeves, Bar R Cattle for providing 30T semen as the reference sire.

If you want to promote the breed folks, it takes some sacrifice and dedicated hard work. New breeders. Don’t think that we old timers just sit out here on our laurels. We are constantly working to help you.


Thank you Donna Kay for the passion you have for this great breed of cattle.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

2021 AWA Breeders Guide

We are now accepting advertising submissions for our 2021 Breeders Guide. Distributed to all new members and featured at shows, conferences and under the Where to Buy section of the AWA website, the Breeders Guide is one of the best ways to get your brand seen.

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Outgoing Board Members

Last week we introduced three new board members who will be stepping into their roles this coming January 2021. I would be remiss though for not thanking your board of directors for this last year for their time focusing on the programs and activities of your association. Their time is valuable, and we are fortunate they have chosen and made the commitment to share their time and talents with us.

Your Board of Directors has put into place important policy and programs that will benefit your association for many years to come. And yet there is more to come in the years ahead that will make the Wagyu breed one the rest of the industry will get to know better.

Three board members will be leaving their responsibilities as board members come January 1, 2021. President Pete Eshelman of Joseph Decuis, Roanoke, IN; Member at Large Ralph Valdez of Crescent Harbor Ranch, Oak Harbor, WA and Desi Cicale of Red Bull Cattle Co., Hackleburg, AL. Be sure to reach out to these board members and let them know you appreciate their commitment to making the Wagyu breed and your Association stronger. I know they will be happy to hear from you.



Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you’re interested in something for yourself or a gift for your customers, we have several items to choose from. With each purchase you are helping support your association and proudly support this great Wagyu breed.

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