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VOL 2, NO 7

Winter Management of the Beef Cow Herd
We have seen brutally cold weather across much of the country this week, and the weatherman tells us it’s not over just yet.  Winter weather can be a real challenge for livestock producers with the necessity to keep water and hay available every day. I remember too well chopping ice and maintaining windmills during the winter months growing up on the ranch.

Cattle increase body heat as a response to frigid temperatures and that requires more nutritional intake to meet maintenance requirements.

Here is a useful link from North Dakota State University with information on winter management of the beef cow herd.

AWA Board Appoints Committee Chairs
Committees provide an important role to bring thoughtful input and recommendations to the board of directors.

AWA President Kyle Jurney made the following appointments during a recent board meeting.

AGM & Conference Committee: Jenny Tweedy (Chair), Ryan Bagley
Breed Improvement Committee: Ryan Bagley (Chair), Jenny Tweedy, Pam Armstrong
Finance Committee: Sheila Patinkin (Chair), Clem Kuns, Pam Armstrong
National Junior Wagyu Association Committee: Matt Rainey (Chair), Kyle Jurney
Promotion and Marketing Committee: Philip Bowman (Chair), Ryan Bagley, Pam Armstrong
Rules Committee: Clem Kuns (Chair), Pam Armstrong, John Hall
Strategic Planning Committee: Kyle Jurney (Chair)
Certified Beef Program Committee: Kyle Jurney (Chair), Sheila Patinkin, Clem Kuns

If you would be interested in participating on one of the committees please contact the committee chairperson.

Learn More About EPD
Trait descriptions, how to read the EPD, information on accuracy, percentile rank tables and guidelines for the publication of EPD are all available, simply follow this link.

Percentile Rank
How does my animal rank when compared to the rest of the Wagyu population?

Ranking of an EPD in the breed is another useful tool for Wagyu breeders. The percentile rank tables available for active sires, active dams, and non-parent animals are an often-overlooked resource when making genetic selections.

If an active sire’s Milk EPD is equal to +2 lb., then by locating that EPD in the table for active sires and associating it with the percentile in the first column, the relative ranking to all active sires in the population can be assessed. In this case, the sire’s Milk EPD is in the top 25th percentile.

If you have any question about the published EPD please contact the AWA.

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Save the Date: 2021 AWA Annual Conference

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