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VOL 2, NO 9

This winter has been a difficult one for many producers across the country. And if you’re in the cattle business you know as spring breeding season approaches getting your cow herd in shape is top of mind. There are a lot of great resources available to producers through their state extension offices. If you don’t know your area beef cattle extension experts I would encourage you to get to know them and take advantage of the resources they have to offer.

Below is an article on getting the nutrition of your cow herd in order before the breeding season starts. We thank Aaron Berger for letting us reprint this article here.

Importance of Cow Nutrition from Calving through Breeding
Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator

For cow-calf producers, the last few months have been very challenging from a weather standpoint.  This has left many first-calf heifers and cows in less than optimum in terms of body condition at the time of calving. Weather conditions have also significantly depleted feed resources available as many producers have had to feed earlier and more than normal.

For cows to start cycling, conceive and maintain a 365-day calving interval, it is important that thin cows, those in a less than a body condition score of 5, be gaining weight from calving through breeding.  Cows in a body condition score of 5 or 6 need to be at least maintaining body condition during this time.  Now is a good time to assess both cow body condition and feed resources and develop a plan to provide adequate nutrition to meet cow needs.

Steps to Assess Current Conditions and Develop a Feeding and Management Plan
Body condition score cows, making note especially of higher risk females that may need additional energy and protein to meet nutrition needs.  Resources on cow body condition scoring can be found at the website.

Inventory feed on hand, noting both quantity and quality. Prioritize quality of feedstuffs to younger and thinner females. If possible, sort thin and adequate condition scores into different feeding groups.  This will help develop a feeding plan that will maintain cows in adequate body condition or will provide needed weight gain for thin cows prior to and through the breeding season.

When additional feed resources will need to be purchased to meet cow nutrient requirements, consider pricing them on a price per unit of protein and energy to find the best buy.  The Feed Cost Cow-Q-Lator is an Excel® spreadsheet tool that allows producers to compare different feed options to one another.

Identify ways to minimize feed waste and effectively utilize feed resources. If feeding daily, consider the use of the ionophore monensin to improve feed efficiency for cows.

The use of CIDRs (Controlled Internal Drug Release) on cows that are at least 20 days post calving can help initiate estrus in cows that are on an adequate plane of nutrition.

For thin, lactating, non-cycling cows, early weaning of calves can provide an effective way to drastically reduce cow nutrient requirements and also induce estrus.

Nebraska Extension has both Specialists and Educators who can assist producers with developing rations to meet cattle nutrient needs. Taking time to assess both cow body condition and feed availability can help producers develop an effective plan for a successful breeding season.

Reminder Spring CAR Inventory
Spring Herd enrollment is active now.  I want to remind members that each month the enrollment fee increases and encourage you to complete your enrollment online before fees increase on March 1st. The Spring Herd Enrollment fee schedule and deadlines are below.

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Understanding Accuracy Value
Accuracy is an indication of how close genetic estimates are to an animal’s true genetic breeding value. Accuracy values are useful to breeders to determine the reliability of an EPD. Accuracy values range from 0.0 to 0.99, depending on the amount and quality of information that is known about an animal for any one of the reported traits. As the amount of information increases, the accuracy for that trait increases accordingly.
Learn More About Accuracy and EPD
Trait descriptions, how to read the EPD, information on accuracy, percentile rank tables and guidelines for the publication of EPD are all available, simply follow this link.

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