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VOL 2, NO 21
Demand for premium quality beef, and specifically Wagyu beef, is an emerging market that continues to expand. Wagyu beef provides an extraordinary eating experience; tenderness, taste, and health benefits are superior to every other breed.  Additionally, the marbling qualities of Wagyu are exceptional and far exceed the current USDA Prime grade.

As the number of Wagyu increases in the U.S. demand for grading standards addressing this higher quality beef has expanded. Many members of the American Wagyu Association continue to face obstacles to experience the true value of their production because of limitations in current grading standards and facilities where access to USDA graders are limited.

Earlier this year the AWA engaged in discussions with the USDA regarding these issues. Following those discussions, the USDA has started addressing these concerns implementing new research efforts and ongoing discussions. Recently in cooperation with Colorado State University and others a study has been initiated and is off to a good start.  Dr. Brad Morgan, Animal Scientist at Colorado State University gives us an overview of the program. 
By Brad Morgan, Ph.D.

In a cooperative effort between the American Wagyu Association (AWA), USDA-AMS Grading Program, Brush Creek Ranch and Colorado State University (CSU) Animal Science, team members are utilizing modern grading technology as well as USDA graders in developing special marbling categories for Wagyu carcasses.  Carcasses from Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, WY are harvested weekly at the Global Food Innovation Center on the CSU campus on a weekly basis.  Following chilling, carcasses are graded using USDA graders as well as an E+V grading camera along with a Meat Image Japan (MIJ) grading camera.  These marbling estimates will be used to calibrate the equations used to estimate marbling.  According to CSU meat scientist Dr. Brad Morgan, “right now we are just simply at the top of the marbling chain in terms to what these cameras have been programmed to do.  This will allow special marbling categories with carcasses displaying more than U.S. Prime beef.  The overall goal of this project is for producers of extremely high marbling carcasses to be rewarded for their extremely high quality.”  Meat samples are also being obtained and fat percentages are being estimated. 

2021 AWA Annual General Membership Meeting and Conference

Be sure to mark your calendar for September 23-25, 2021 as results from this project and others will be presented at the AWA Annual AGM & Conference in Fort Collins, CO. Schedule, Registration, and Hotel information will be available in June.
Complete your Fall CAR Enrollments
Complete Your Enrollment Early and Save Money. For herds enrolled in the Complete Animal Recording Program (Standard Herds) there are two inventory periods, Spring and Fall calving herds.

Fall Herd enrollment will be active on May 1, 2021 and for those members who activate and enroll their cows by June 30, 2021 benefit with a $27 enrollment fee, a savings over previous years.
Fall Herd Enrollment Fee Schedule
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•        $42 if enrolled between October 1 and December 31
Invoices to be paid prior to the last day of the following month or fees
increase by $3 for each month past due.

Register Early and Save Money
For herds enrolled in the Verified Herd program and ET calves register those calves by 365 days of age and save on registration fees.
0 - 365 Days of Age or Less     $55
366 - 540 Days of Age             $60
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721 Days of Age and Older      $70

Steps to Submitting Performance Data - #3
Calf Reporting Through the CAR Management System. Go to Herd Mgmt: Inventory to bring up the Complete Animal Reporting Management System.

In addition to the Enrollment Tabs discussed last week, there are tabs labeled ‘Unfulfilled Data Requirements’, ‘5-year Female Reporting History’, and ‘Calf Crops’ that you can select from the right-hand side to help keep track of your reporting. (Click screenshot thumbnails to enlarge)

Unfulfilled Data Requirements – Selecting this tab will bring up a list of any enrolled dams that do not yet have a calf or non-calving reason reported for an assessed year.

5-year Female Reporting History – Track your breeding age females’ production history over the past 5 years. The birthdate of the calf recorded to the dam will display under the corresponding calving year, as well as the calving interval days since the birthdate of the prior year(s) recorded calf. If the dam has not had a calf or has not had a calf reported, it will list ‘NO CALF’. If your female did have a calf but ‘NO CALF’ is listed for that year, review the appropriate assessment year tab or the Unfulfilled Data Requirements tab to see if you have not yet selected the ‘Calf’ option for that dam, or if you have a birth recording table in progress that has not yet been completed.

Calf Crops – Review your Calf Crops by year. Select the year from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand side of this menu. This will bring up a list of reported calves born that year and is another useful way to check if you have reported all calves for that year. The table will list the calves’ tattoos, registered or unregistered number, name, date of birth, date of weaning or yearling weights if reported, and current status (active, deceased, etc.).

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