AWA Friday Newsletter - October 9, 2020

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The Annual Wagyu AGM and Conference is quickly approaching. This virtual event is scheduled for October 29, 2020 from 12 Noon to 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Registration information will be available early next week.

We have developed a great program for the meeting which including a group of special speakers who will pre-record their presentations and these presentations will be available on demand after the AGM. There remain opportunities to be a sponsor and advertise as part of the conference. Contact us for details.

Your financial support of the AWA is an important part for the success of the annual conference and the Wagyu producers, but also further funds important projects to benefit the membership for marketing initiatives, research, and education.

USDA GLW and Certified Wagyu Beef Program
Last year the AWA Board of Directors adopted a dynamic and robust five-year Strategic Plan. The plan was created to protect and promote the Wagyu brand, position the association for future growth and success, and provide exceptional benefits to its membership.

To this end the AWA Board of Directors as you are aware have been working on a certified Wagyu beef program. Similar to Certified Angus beef this program would provide guidelines necessary to achieve certified status for the right to use AWA Branded Program Logos and Marketing Materials. This program would be offered exclusively to AWA members and on a voluntary basis. The development of this program requires two steps.

Number one a USDA GLW – we are working with the USDA to upgrade our current GLW to include specific classifications for Fullblood and Purebred Wagyu genetics. You’ll note that the current USDA GLW for Wagyu influence genetics remains unchanged. For your information attached is our current GLW and a draft of the new GLW which we will seek USDA approval.

Number two is creation of an AWA USDA certification program. This will include certification guidelines, marketing and promotional materials, costs, and protocols, etc. As the AWA develops this program we will be communicating progress to the AWA membership.

The AWA Board hopes to have this program operative in the first quarter of next year. If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding this program please contact me directly.

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NAILE is a go! We received news last week that the North American Livestock Exposition (NAILE) will have a show. It will be modified from a normal NAILE, including being a participant-only event, but the show will go on. The Wagyu show due date is October 15th. Please let us know if you plan to show at the NAILE this year so that we can get entries processed.

Contact the AWA office for wagyu entry forms or DOWNLOAD THEM HERE.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Annual General Membership Meeting and Conference October 29, 2020

We restructured this year to a virtual AGM and Conference because of COVID-19.  In addition to the Annual General Membership Meeting we have lined up several speakers to give virtual presentations on topics regarding:


Value of Phenotypes in Genetic Prediction
Principles of Inbreeding and Linebreeding
Genetic Diversity in the American Wagyu Population

Nutritional Management of Wagyu
Marketing of Wagyu

We are actively accepting donations and have advertising opportunities still available for the virtual conference. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Part 15: Scrotal Circumference

Scrotal circumference is measured due to its positive relationship with the potential number of sperm cells that the bull can produce. It has been shown bulls with larger scrotal circumference reached puberty and produced higher quality sperm at a younger age and that their daughters also reached puberty at a younger age. Furthermore, larger scrotal circumference has been associated with an increased percentage of progressively motile sperm and less abnormal sperm production. (BIF)

Scrotal circumference for yearling bulls is collected between 320 and 410 days of age. Scrotal circumference is measured using a scrotal tape around the widest part of the scrotum when the testicles are fully extended. The tape should be pulled firmly around the scrotum. It is recommended to record the measure a few times to ensure accurate results. The circumference of the scrotum is recorded in centimeters.



Wagyu Virtual International Conference

The South African Wagyu Society is excited to announce an International Virtual Conference November 10-12, 2020.  The conference will feature several speakers on topics to include international demand, health, and carcass grading technologies.  Follow this link for more information.

Have you been looking for ways to help promote the Wagyu Breed?  Whether you’re interested in something for yourself or a gift for your customers, we have several items to choose from. With each purchase you are helping support your association and proudly support this great Wagyu breed.

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National Western Stock Show Postponed

Press Release: The 115th National Western Stock Show postponed until January 2022 In News by Karen Woods September 14, 2020

Denver, CO – The Western Stock Show Association (WSSA) Board of Directors together with the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) management, has made the difficult decision to postpone the 115th National Western Stock Show by one year and to resume the event in January 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic does not allow for the Stock Show to host the annual event and comply with the health and safety guidelines that are necessary to protect Coloradan’s and help stop the spread. More importantly, the projected environment through to the end of the year is too uncertain and therefore not reassuring enough to allow a traditional Stock Show to take place without potentially compromising the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors, and the public at large.

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