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Like many of you I can share multiple stories of an unruly cow or bull. Poems have even been written about them. Fortunately, when it comes to disposition Wagyu breeders don't face the same issues as some other breeds. Additionally, temperament has been shown through research to have a positive effect on growth, health and carcass quality therefore creating an opportunity to make improvements in those traits through selection of those genetics that result in more docile cattle. This week in the performance series we discuss collecting and reporting temperament scores.
Send us your pictures. We would love to hear from you and share glimpses of your daily activities on the ranch or events you may have attended and had the opportunity to share the Wagyu story with others. Pictures of your kids breaking a show heifer to lead, tagging a new-born calf, attending a sale, or just showing a visitor your cows are all good photos to share

Latest news for the North American International Livestock Exposition

For those planning to attend and show at the NAILE this year here is the latest information which was posted Tuesday September 1, 2020.

We know everyone wants to know what is happening with #NAILE20. We are submitting a plan through the Governor’s Office's Healthy at Work initiative to have the event this year. Once a final decision is made, we will let everyone know and also let you know when entry forms and the premium book will be available. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.
We will keep you posted as we know more.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR - Annual General Membership Meeting and Conference October 29, 2020

We restructured this year to a virtual AGM and Conference because of COVID 19.  In addition to the Annual General Membership Meeting we have lined up several speakers to give virtual presentations on topics regarding:


Value of Phenotypes in Genetic Prediction
Principles of Inbreeding and Linebreeding
Nutritional Management of Wagyu
Marketing of Wagyu

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2020 AGM & Conference are now available. Your financial support of the AWA is an important part for the success of the annual conference and the Wagyu producers. Please review the attached flyer and contact the office if you have any questions.

Part 11: Temperament (Disposition, Docility)

Important behaviors to beef cattle production include reactions to processing through a squeeze chute, maternal instincts at calving, newborn calf vigor, bull serving capacity, and foraging behavior. Because these are distinctly different behaviors, different strategies are necessary to quantify differences among animals. Among the most important of behavioral traits, temperament reflects the ease with which animals respond to handling, treatment, and routine management. Animals with disposition problems are a safety risk to handlers, themselves, and other animals in the herd. Disposition affects handling equipment requirements, operation liability exposure, Beef Quality Assurance, and performance.

A method of temperament measurement is Pen Score. Animals are penned in a small lot (approximately 12 feet X 24 feet) in small groups (n~=5) and approached by two observers. The individual animal’s response to human approach is scored on a scale from 1 to 5 as follows:

1. Non-aggressive (docile) Walks slowly, can be approached closely by humans, not excited by humans or facilities.

2. Slightly Aggressive Runs along fences, will stand in corner if humans stay away, may pace fence.

3. Moderately Aggressive Runs along fences, head up and will run if humans move closer, stops before hitting gates and fences, avoids humans.

4. Aggressive Runs, stays in back of group, head high and very aware of humans, may run into fences and gates even with some distance, will likely run into fences if alone in pen.

5. Very Aggressive Excited, runs into fences, runs over humans and anything else in path, “crazy” Weaning Temperament scores should be collected at approximately the same time as weaning weights are collected. (BIF)

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Wagyu Virtual International Conference

The South African Wagyu Society is excited to announce an International Virtual Conference November 10-12, 2020.  The conference will feature several speakers on topics to include international demand, health, and carcass grading technologies.  Follow this link for more information.

Masters of Beef Advocacy

Last week I shared with you the Masters of Beef Advocacy program. This is a great program to equip beef producers with knowledge with others about beef production. Some of the staff members here in the AWA office have already enrolled and are working their way through the program.

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