Registering International Animals with the American Wagyu Association Clarification of the Rules

The AWA Board of Directors have clarified the rules to address issues of registering animals from other Wagyu associations in the AWA herdbook. The primary concerns are in regards to STR markers for Fullblood animals. Currently the AWA requires SNP parent verification, however in many cases because we are completing a pedigree on animals registered in another association and in many cases these pedigreed animals predate current technology, SNP profiles are not available.

Animals located in foreign countries, owned by an active AWA member, must meet the same rules for registration as animals located in the United States. In many cases this requires parent verifying multiple generations of the pedigree back to an animal registered in the AWA database. Mostly these are older animals who were parent verified given the technology available at the time.

The AWA policy for parent verification is 8 STR markers with no exclusions and all parentage is required to be DNA verified by an AWA approved lab or other AWA accepted facility. However, because some of the animals in the pedigree may have fewer than the standard 8 STR markers the AWA can allow an exception using 7 STR markers with no exclusions in cases of deceased animals and/or deceased pedigree animals born prior to 2013. Other applications for registration with more limiting information must be addressed on a case by case basis by the AWA board of directors. This may require additional information.

When purchasing animals or genetics (semen, embryos) it is a best practice to buy animals already registered with the American Wagyu Association. This is not always the case and in those instances buyers must be aware that the animal must meet all of the AWA rules to be registered.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office of the American Wagyu Association.