SNP Sharing Policy with Australia Finalized

March 26, 2020

This last year at the Annual General Membership meeting there were requests from membership
to facilitate commerce between the American Wagyu Association (AWA) and other international
Wagyu associations. The AWA board of directors drafted a non-discloser agreement that would
protect the interests of both the AWA and international association’s databases.

The American Wagyu Association and the Australian Wagyu Association have finalized this
agreement to share genotype information to address the needs of our members. This work will
make the process easier to cross register animals across both associations and for exporting of
Wagyu genetics (live animals, semen, and embryos). Both associations were careful to take steps
to protect the value and integrity of their databases in this process and believe we have developed
a workable policy in this regard. It is important to understand that each association has
responsibility to protect the value and integrity of the data.

In cases where SNP data is required the AWA will provide the data directly to the Australian
Wagyu Association following a request by an AWA member. There will be an application,
documentation, and agreements required by breeders and others to complete and provide to the
AWA before the information can be shared.

We want to thank the Australian Wagyu Association for working with us on this mutually
beneficial agreement. It took a lot of effort and communication between both teams to draft an
agreement to protect the interests of both parties. This effort will lead to agreements with other
international associations in the future.

If you have any questions please contact the office at or (208) 262-8100