Breeding Benefits

Wagyu have a number of economically important traits in addition to finely marbled beef.  Wagyu beef has a tendency to be more tender than most breeds of beef and has better flavor because of its fatty acid composition.  Wagyu and crossbred Wagyu animals have higher monounsaturated fatty acids and high percentage Wagyu have about 2:1 ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fatty acids.  Monounsaturated fatty acids are healthier than saturated fats.  Wagyu fat has a better flavor and a lower melting point than fat in common breeds of beef cattle.

Wagyu bulls have excellent libido and are superior to other breeds for calving ease.  Breeding Wagyu bulls to first-calf heifers saves money and veterinary bills and results in heifers breeding back earlier.  Half Wagyu progeny can bring a premium price at weaning.