Wagyu beef is arguably the best and most expensive beef money can buy. Although its origins come from the Orient (Japan), two(2) types of Wagyu are bred in the US; Japanese Black – Kuroge Washu and Japanese Brown or Red – Akage Washu (also known as Akaushi;  red cow in Japanese) with the Japanese Black being dominant and widely crossed to highly popular breeds in the US like Angus. Crossbreeding Wagyu to other breeds can produce a premium carcass with a more consistent quality grade and a higher weaning rate.

Our aim is to educate the consumer about Wagyu beef and where to buy (wholesalers, purveyors, restaurants and retail outlets). Our objective is to expose the great attributes of Wagyu beef, the deliciousness that often describes the buttery texture and translucent appearance of the higher marbling grades and, of course the health benefits this beef has over other breed: higher ratio of monounsaturated fat that the modern “health conscious” consumer is only too familiar with.   

Wagyu really does take red meat to a whole new level that is beyond prime.