Why Wagyu?

Wagyu beef is arguably the best and most expensive beef money can buy BUT, it takes a lot of effort to produce that serving which contains the high level of marbling, flavor and tenderness that one expects if sitting composed at the top of the beef world.

Whether it is 100% Wagyu, high percent Wagyu or Wagyu influenced beef, its greatest gift to the American beef herd for improving meat quality across all grades. Through careful selection of genetics and feeding, a Wagyu producer can potentially present a product that for those red meat connoisseurs (be it a fine dining consumer, weekend BBQ fan, executive chef, restaurateur, café owner, caterer or purveyor), the benefits that this beef can offer, across all cuts and quality grade, is highly desirable.

Although our purpose is to educate the consumer about the great attributes of Wagyu we can only encourage our members to market their beef products with confidence and truth in labelling that the consumer deserves. The AWA prides itself on its animal record integrity which has 100% Wagyu (Fullblood) grade animals require DNA parent verification to enter the herd book.

Wagyu beef really does takes red meat to a whole new level that is beyond prime! Try it today!