Advertising Services

Download our advertising fee scheudle.


Premium Website Advertiser Spotlight

  • $25 setup fee + $75 per month, $300 for 6 months or $500 for 12 months
  • PNG or JPG format (359 x 259 pixels, 300 dpi) along with web URL
  • Contact us to submit


Website Classifieds

  • $25 setup fee + $50 per month
  • Please contact us to submit your request


E-mail Blast

  • $95 per email blast
  • 8.5" x 11" @ 300 dpi PDF
  • Contact us to submit


Custom Graphics, Layout and/or Design


Assistance with uploading images to online herd book (Digital Beef)

  • $5 per image
  • JPG format
  • Contact us to submit


Only current AWA members in good standing may advertise on the AWA website, through its online classifieds or via its e-mail blasts. For questions or more information on other rates and availability of advertising services please contact us via e-mail at



The American Wagyu Association, Inc. (the "AWA") assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of content as submitted. Advertising on the AWA website, through online classifieds or via e-mail blasts does not constitute endorsement by the AWA. The AWA reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements for this website, online classifieds or e-mail blasts at its discretion. All advertisements, classifieds, e-mail blasts and/or other communications must comply with material acceptable for all ages. Submitting a request for advertising services constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer.