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VOL 2, NO 11

Time to Renew Your AWA Membership
As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. Throughout history, groups have formed together to better achieve common goals; through networking opportunities, growth and expansion, better access to programs or other benefits afforded to members.

The American Wagyu Association is experiencing record growth of membership with 2021 setting records for new member applications, exceeding last year’s growth by 42% through the first two months! Additionally, Wagyu genetics and beef are experiencing perhaps it's greatest demand here in the United States. A consumer favorite!

For existing members, it is time to renew your membership before April 1, 2021 when a $25 late fee will apply with your renewal.

Wagyu Genomic Enhanced Evaluation
Genomic results are incorporated into the Wagyu genetic evaluation using the Single Step method. Single Step is the most accurate and reliable genetic selection tool available today. Incorporating genomic data into the genetic evaluation results in greater accuracy, especially for younger animals or animals with no or fewer progeny.

Learn More About EPD
Trait descriptions, how to read the EPD, information on accuracy, percentile rank tables and guidelines for the publication of EPD are all available, simply follow this link.

Tips from the Staff - Naming Animals in DigitalBeef
Hello to everyone out in the Wagyu world,
I appreciate each one of you and how hard all of you work to enter your animals into DigitalBeef. Working in DigitalBeef can be challenging at times, especially if you are new to the system.
Please note that we get a lot of questions and we are always happy to answer those questions. How will we learn if we don’t ask questions?  

We do have DigitalBeef tutorials available on the website at but, if you have additional questions don’t ever hesitate to call us here at the office at (208) 262-8100. With that being said, a question we get often is when breeders are entering an animal’s name (Name Field) into the Birth Data Entry Screen, what is required?
An animal’s name cannot contain more than 28 characters including spaces, and only English letters and Arabic numerals can be acceptable.  Punctuation marks, diagonal lines, joint letters, brands, or other unusual marks or symbols will not be accepted in an animal’s name. Following the AWA rules, the official name of the animal will appear as follows:
Herd Prefix (mandatory) + given name by first owner (optional) + Herd ID tattoo/brand(mandatory) + year letter code(mandatory).
With all that is happening in the world, my heart goes out to each one of you through these stressful times. It has been such a pleasure to create working relationships with everyone.

Whether you’re interested in something for yourself or a gift for your customers, we have several items to choose from. With each purchase you are helping support your association and proudly support this great Wagyu breed.

2021 AWA Annual General Membership Meeting and Conference

Share a Favorite Photo
We make lots of memories with family, friends and Wagyu cattle! What activities have you been up to on the farm? Send us a picture and we will chose one to feature in an upcoming newsletter! Please include your name and membership number and mail to

Advertise with the AWA
The American Wagyu Association offers many ways members can advertise their genetics and products through AWA services. These include Face Book, Premium Advertising Page, eBlasts, Classifieds, the Annual Breeders Guide and other opportunities. Contact the AWA office for more information or visit

Download our advertising fee schedule

AWA Calendar
April 1, 2021 – Annual Membership Renewal – Late Fees Apply
May 1, 2021 – CAR Fall Enrollment Starts

July 31, 2021 – CAR Fall Enrollment Deadline – Fees Increase Aug.
September 23 - 25, 2021 – Annual General Meeting and Conference, Fort Collins, CO

Upcoming Member Events
March 20, 2021 – Triangle B Ranch's 10th Annual Spring of Opportunities Sale
March 27, 2021 – Bowman Farms Complete Dispersion – At the Farm in Roaring River, NC
April 10, 2021 – M6 "Science is on our side" Dispersion – Alvarado, Texas
April 24, 2021 - The Steaks are High Sale – Tenroc Ranch, Salado, Texas
May 22, 2021 – Bar R Cattle Company Production Sale – Pullman, Washington
June 5, 2021 – Passion For Prime – Salina, Kansas
Oct. 23, 2021 – Vermont Wagyu Production Sale – At the Farm in Springfield, VT

To post an upcoming event or to advertise your event with a live link, please contact the AWA Office.

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Robert Williams, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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